a few words about Gothenburg

It is the capital of Vastra Gotaland County (West Gothia). It is situated by the sea at the mouth of Gota River. The river running through the city, and is the largest sea port of the Nordic countries. Gothenburg is a relatively recently built city as it was only founded in 1621. The city is visited for its beauty, attractions, friendliness and shopping opportunities. Visitors going to Gothenburg may visit the Volvo Museum or just stroll around the beautiful city.

According to a recent survey of Swedish media, Gothenburg was voted the most popular major city in Sweden. More than 60% of all Swedes would like to live in Gothenburg, which has a reputation of being even friendlier and more welcoming than the Swedish capital.


Photo Credits: Per Pixel Petersson/imagebank.sweden.se

Gothenburg's Attractions And Activities