Capitals, Norwegian Fjords, North Cape & Iceland (5 Countries)

  • Day 1: Arrival in Copenhagen + Sightseeing in North Zealand (Click to expand)
  • Day 2: Copenhagen Tour + Journey to Reykjavik
  • Day 3: Golden Circle tour
  • Day 4: Blue Lagoon + Kleifarvatn
  • Day 5: Reykjavik to Oslo
  • Day 6: Oslo to Stalheim via. Geilo & Flam
  • Day 7: Stalheim, Sognefjorden, Glacier tour
  • Day 8: Geiranger Fjord, Trollstigen, Gardermoen
  • Day 9: Gardermoen/Alta, Honningsvag
  • Day 10: Honningsvag, Karasjok, Levi
  • Day 11: Levi, Rovaniemi, Helsinki
  • Day 12: Helsinki, Silja Line
  • Day 13: Stockholm
  • Day 14: Departure from Stockholm

After arriving in Copenhagen, the group will be welcomed by a coach with accompanying guide – this marks the start of a full day tour, showcasing historically and architecturally significant sites near Copenhagen. The first stop on the journey is 17th century Frederiksborg Castle, located in the town of Hillerød (about 40 km. north of Copenhagen). 

 After this, the coach will transport the group to Kronborg Castle, located in Helsingør (around 30 min drive from Hillerød). Notably, Kronborg was the setting of the famous Shakespeare play Hamlet, and has historically been an important control point regarding entrance to the Baltic Sea

 Later in the day, the tour goes back to Copenhagen. After dinner, the group will have the possibility of going to Tivoli, the 2nd oldest operating amusement park in the world.

 Overnight stay in Copenhagen.


Photo credit: Kim Wyon

After breakfast, the group will start a city tour of Copenhagen.

 Examples of the sights along the way are the National Museum, and of course the group will also get to see arguably the most famous statue in Copenhagen – the Little Mermaid!

 In the late afternoon, the group will depart for Reykjavík, Capital of Iceland. Arrival late afternoon due to time difference.

 A coach will be waiting for the group at the airport, ready to take the group of a city tour of Reykjavík.

 Overnight stay in Reykjavik Area.

After breakfast, the group will begin a two-day tour, taking them to some of the most spectacular sites in Iceland. The group will travel using a route known as the “Golden Circle”. Here are a few examples of attractions along the way:


Þingvellir National Park(Thingvellir):

Here, the group will experience one of the closest possible views of a rift between tectonic plates; a place where Iceland is literally being torn apart.



Home of the geysers Geysir and Strokkur, Haukardalur is where the group can experience huge columns of water being expelled from the ground at heights up to 30+ meters.



One of the most powerful waterfalls in Iceland, Gulfoss has a total drop of 32 meters, separated into two stages. There are several levels of viewing platforms and walking paths at the waterfall, providing many good angles to get a photo!



After the Golden Circle tour has ended, the group will continue to Langjokull Glacier, where the group will have the chance to experience the glacier in one of the most exhilarating ways possible – on a snow-mobile tour!


Overnight stay in Selfoss Area.

After the group has enjoyed breakfast at the hotel, the first thing on the agenda is a trip to the Blue Lagoon - one of the must-try experiences of Iceland. Fed by the water output of a nearby geothermal power plant, the outdoor pool has a constant temperature of 38 ⁰C. The high mineral content is also very beneficial to skin health.

 After the visit to the Blue Lagoon, the tour will continue to Lake Kleifarvatn, where the group will have some great photo opportunities of the beautiful lake and its otherworldly surroundings.

 Overnight stay in Reykjavik area.

In the morning, the group will travel by coach to the airport, where they will take a flight to Oslo, capital of Norway.

 Since the group will arrive in Oslo around lunch-time, the coach awaiting them at the airport will first take them to a restaurant for lunch.

  After the group has eaten, a local guide will meet them at the restaurant, and a 3-hour sightseeing tour of the city will begin – a tour, where the group will see sights such as the sculptures at Vigeland park, and the Viking Ship Museum.

 Afterwards, the group will have a little bit of free time to relax at their hotel, before going out for dinner.

 Overnight stay in Oslo.


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After breakfast, the group will embark on a three day journey by coach, giving them a tour of the fjord area, where there are some truly remarkable views – it does feel a little other-worldly at times. The group will stop for lunch in the town of Geilo, which is one of Norway´s most popular skiing destinations.

 After lunch, the group will switch over to a train, in which they will take a journey to Myrdal, situated 865 m. above sea level. From here, the journey will continue by the scenic train route “Flåmsbana”.

 After arriving in Flam, a coach will bring the group to Stalheim.

 Overnight in Stalheim area.


Photo credit: m_dickson/Foap/

After breakfast, group will embark on a 2 hour cruise on the Sognefjord, which is the longest fjord in Norway.

 After the fjord cruise, the tour will continue to Jostedal Glacier, which is the largest glacier in continental Europe – the group will have a chance to walk along some of the foot paths created for tourists way back in 1906. Lunch will also be served in close proximity of the glacier.

 After lunch, the group will head north towards the city of Loen.

 Overnight stay in Loen area.


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After breakfast, the group will be taken for a fjord cruise on Geiranger Fjord, which was awarded the status of UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2005. After this fjord cruise, the group will be transported by coach to Andalsnes. This journey will see the group driving on The Eagle Road and Trollstigen, two roads famous for their many hairpin turns and steep drop-offs

 Lunch will be served in Andalsnes, before the coach will set off for Oslo.

 Overnight near Gardermoen Airport.


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Today, the group will get up early for breakfast, before being transferred to the domestic airport for a flight to Alta, where the group will arrive late morning.

 Alta is known as the “Land of the Midnight Sun”, due to its placement above the arctic circle, which results in the sun never setting in the summer months.

  After lunch, the group have the possibility of visiting the Alta Museum, which showcases some historic rock carvings, some dating back to around 4.500 BC.

 After lunch/museum visit, the tour will continue to Honningsvag for overnight stay. After dinner, there will be an evening excursion to the North Cape Hall, where the group will receive a certificate that states that they have been at the North Cape.

 Overnight stay in Honningsvag area.


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After breakfast, the tour will continue with a new country as the destination – Finland! The first stop is the town of Karasjok, where the group will visit a museum dedicated to the culture of the Sami – the original people of Northern Lapland.

 After lunch, the town of Levi is the next destination of the tour.

 Overnight stay in Levi area.


Photo credit: Visitfinland

Today, the tour is heading towards Rovaniemi, home of Santa Claus. As the arrival will be around lunch-time, the group will first enjoy a meal, before being taken for a tour of the city. A visit to Santa Village is included, where the group will meet Santa Claus, and receive an Arctic Circle certificate.

 The group will then head for the airport for an early evening flight to Helsinki.

 Overnight stay in Helsinki.


Photo credits: Raija Lehtonen, Visitfinland

A coach, along with a guide, will be ready to take the group for a tour of Helsinki in the morning.

 On this tour, the group will experience the hustle and bustle of the Market square, view the sculptures in Sibelius park, and visit one of the architecturally beautiful churches in the city – amongst many other things.

 After lunch, the group will have a bit more time to enjoy the city on their own, before being taking to the Silja Line Pier for check-in.

 Overnight onboard ferry to Stockholm.


Photo credit: Harri Tarvainen, VisitFinland

Upon arrival in Stockholm, the group will be picked up by a local guide to go for a full day tour of Stockholm. Among many notable stops along the way, the group will visit the City Hall, where the Nobel Prize is awarded each year.

 After lunch the group will pay a visit to the Vasa Ship Museum, where they can learn more about the Vasa, the last surviving 17th-century ship in the world.

 The group will then take a scenic 1 hour cruise to Drottningholm, which will include entrance to the Drottningholm Palace, built in 1580. Today, Drottningholm serves as the primary residence of the Swedish royal family.

 Overnight in Stockholm


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After breakfast, the group will have some free time, before being picked up for airport transfer for their flight home.


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