Estonia - Tallinn

Kadriorg Palace

Kadriorg Palace is located in a park sharing the same name, the Kadriorg Park. The palace was built by order of Russian czar Peter I from 1718-1725, for his wife Catherine I of Russia to be used as a summer residence. It is one of the finest examples of grand design in Estonia, with the surrounding park housing beautiful flower beds and ponds.

Having been meticulously preserved since the early 18th century, it was originally designed to resemble the Italian palaces of the time. Today, the palace is home to the foreign art collection of the Estonian Art Museum, with the Kadriorg Park also housing other museums like the Kadriorg Art Museum, and the Mikkeli Museum.  Furthermore, various monuments to people with cultural significance can also be found in the park.


Photo Credits: Toomas Tuul - Visit Estonia