Lithuania - Vilnius

Trakai History Museum

Trakai History Museum showcases the history of the town of Trakai. Based at the Trakai Island Castle, it opened up in 1962. It hosts many exhibits and events, such as a medieval festival in the middle of June. A permanent exhibit contains furniture, clocks, glass, and other items from when the castle was once a ducal palace.

 Construction of Trakai Island Castle lasted from the late 14th century until early 15th century. Built as a fortress, one can say that it served its purpose well, as it was not captured in this time period. For the architecturally interested visitor it is a great place to visit, as it was built in a Gothic style, albeit with some Romanesque elements mixed in.

In the 16th century, once it had lost military and residential functions, the castle served as a prison for noblemen. In 1661, after an invasion, Trakai was razed by enemy troops, and the Island castle lay in ruins. In the 19th century, as interest in Lithuanian past rose, restoration work began on different parts of the complex – however, it wasn’t until 1962 that the ducal palace was rebuilt.


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